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Dangers of At-Home Treatments

Often times, patients will try at home remedies and treatments before coming to the office to be evaluated.  What many of us do not know however, is that these treatments and remedies can be dangerous and actually cause more harm than good.


Warts are a very common problem in children and adults. With so many over the counter wart removers on the market ( Dr. Scholls, Compound W, Wart Off  to name a few) it can be tempting to try to treat your wart with these products. However, these products are not only costly, but often times do not work.  Even worse they can cause serious skin irritation and burning around the warts. In some cases, if not used correctly it can actually make the wart spread.

Here at FSC we have many treatments to help treat warts including liquid nitrogen treatments, topical medication treatments for younger children and laser therapy for more aggressive lesions.


A simple Google search will pull up at least 10 different tools/instruments to pop a pimple.  They can range in price from $5-25 and all claim to be a safe.

Why would popping a pimple be so bad? Popping pimples can cause more problems than it solves.  Picking, popping, squeezing and scratching your zits can lead to infection. As you squeeze your pimple, you could be causing dirt, oil and bacteria to go deeper into your skin.  This can lead to even more redness and swelling.  Although the redness and swelling will eventually go down, you may be scarring yourself which can be permanent.

At FSC we have great options for treating acne including topical and oral medications, product lines, chemical peels, facials and lasers.

Skin Tags and Other Growths

There are many at home remedies for treating skin tags around the neck and underarms.  Some include tying a string or dental floss around them until they fall off.  Others include cutting them off with scissors or using the over the counter wart removal products discussed earlier to try to “freeze” them off. 

What’s the harm, right?  WRONG.  Cutting lesions off that look like skin tags or trying a string around them are dangerous ways to remove a skin tag.  Some skin tags can be very vascular and can bleed heavily if done with these techniques.  What if the lesion you believed was a skin tag was actually a type of skin cancer or harmful growth that needs to be evaluated and treated? And trying to freeze them off can lead to a type of scarring or discoloration on the skin that is more noticeable then the original skin tag.

At FSC, we offer many types of treatments to remove skin tags that are easy, painless can be done on the same day as your visit.

Sharing Medications

How many of us have had a similar scenario to this? You bring your older daughter to the office and she is diagnosed with warts and acne and given prescription medication. You get home and notice that your younger son has similar lesions as your daughter.  What to do?  Although it is tempting to try to treat your children similarly, not all prescription medications treat the same type of lesions.  In addition, some topical medications may be too strong for a younger child and cause more irritation or harm or even make the condition worse. What if the two lesions are completely different conditions? We never recommend siblings or even adults to share medications unless both patients were prescribed the same medications by one of our providers.  Even though we think we are saving time by skipping the doctor’s office, it often leads to complications.