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Common Rashes of the Skin: Part 4-Urticaria


Urticaria, also known as hives are flesh toned to red colored bumps that are classily itchy. Hives are known to appear quickly and disappear just as fast. They can change shapes, and disappear from one area only to appear in another. Urticaria is a condition that be transient or can last years. Some of the know causes of urticaria are food allergies, medications, insect bites, infections, environmental allergens, a certain physical stimulation (such as sun exposure, water, heat, cold, pressure/touch, and exercise induced). In some cases, a true cause of the hives is not identifiable.   Treatment it aimed at … Continue reading

Common Rashes of the Skin : Part 3- Tinea Versicolor

Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor (TV) is a common fungal infection affecting mostly adolescents and young adults.  The condition is seen most often in tropical regions where the weather is hot and humid.  Despite the name, TV is not in the same family as ringworm (tinea). Also unlike ringworm, it is not contagious from one person to the next.  Tinea versicolor is caused from a fungus that naturally already lives on many people’s skin, but only causes TV in some individuals. The term “versicolor” refers to the various skin color changes that may be seen with this condition, including light patches, dark patches, … Continue reading

Common Rashes of the Skin: Part 2- Tinea Coporis (AKA Ringworm)


Tinea corporis is a type of fungal infection occurring on skin sites other than the face, hands, feet, or groin.  It is collectively known along with other types of tinea as “ringworm.”  The fungus may be acquired via direct skin contact with a person, animal, or surface that is infected.  It can also be spread from other sites of infection (i.e. hands, feet).  Tinea corporis outbreaks can often be seen among wrestlers or other athletes who have skin to skin contact. Tinea corporis typically begins as an itchy, scaly, red circular or oval patch that spreads outwardly.  The center subsequently … Continue reading

Common Rashes of the Skin :Part 1- Hand Dermatitis

Hand Dermatitis

Also known as hand eczema, hand dermatitis is a common condition involving inflammation of the skin on the hands.  It occurs when the skin becomes irritated in response to a “trigger,” such as contact with harsh soaps, raw fruits/vegetables, and chemicals.  Environmental and genetic factors both play a role, although those with long term exposure to “wet work,” such as food handling, healthcare work, and hairdressing are at highest risk. Signs and symptoms include redness, itching, thickening of the skin, scaling, cracks, and even erosion and bleeding. In recent years, overuse of hand sanitizer has been associated with hand dermatitis, seen … Continue reading


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