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Allergy Testing

Take the first step to relieving your allergy symptoms

Florida Skin Center is now offering allergy testing!  The painful testing of the past is no more.  Available at our Fort Myers and Cape Coral locations, this painless technique uses state-of-the-art technology to test for allergies without breaking the skin.

We use a testing process that utilizes what is called a MAST(Multi-Antigen Skin Tester). Each MAST has 10 antigen sites that are applied to the patient in a gentle rocking motion that does not break the skin. We are able to test up to 72 common environmental and food allergens, as well as allergens specific to Southwest Florida.

MAST allergy testing - no needles, doesn't break the skin

The procedure is safe for children and adults, taking less than 30 minutes, and allows patients to determine what is causing their allergy symptoms.  With this information, the providers at FSC are able to assess the degree of your allergy and determine the best way to treat your symptoms.

After testing, one of our providers will discuss the results of the testing and the treatment options available. Contact FSC for more information about this exciting new procedure.

Painless allergy testing at Florida Skin Center